The Baddest Vette Yet!

Bad means Good!

...and the C8 Corvette Stingray is here to show off its Badness.
Performance and style is what makes this generation the one everyone is talking about. The C8 is special for a lot of reasons and it could very well be the lowest production year of all years they produce this generation. There just aren't as many models to show for it. In fact, Chevy built exactly 20,368 Corvettes for 2020, which is just half the original plan of at least 40,000 units. That total is for both coupe and convertible, which breaks down as 16,787 Stingray coupes and just 3,581 Stingray convertibles.
As far as performance goes and what makes the new Vette special? Well, consider of course the mid-engine architecture coupled with the all new dual clutch transmission. This configuration alone gives new balance, control, and drive-ability that no other Corvette is able to give. It sits low, and it's wide, and the looks you just have to see in person. On the road it is stunning. At the track it is spectacular. And in your garage it is almost peculiar. The design is sculpted, chiseled, yet still a Corvette theme through and through. You will stare at it and often think, is this car really this good looking?... and mine. Go ahead and throw on our C8 "Baddest Vette Yet" T-shirt and pull up a foldable chair because you may be staring awhile. 
0 to 60mph in under 3 seconds? Yep. All day long. We daily drive our torch red coupe consistently and it's just too irresistible not to stop mid-road, crush the brake pedal, smash the gas, and launch it. Even in the easy touring mode the launch is jarring, and go full traction control off in track mode and the 1500rpm in touring mode now goes to 3500rpm and your heart and chest will let you know you're blasting off.
From a new LT2 V8 engine to a new interior this Corvette makes you feel special. So put on our T-shirt, buckle up, and experience it for yourself. I think you'll agree it truly is The Baddest Vette Yet.
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