1962 Chevy Corvette Gets A Makeover From Chip Foose

There are few names in the custom car arena today that are as recognizable as Chip Foose.

He grew up around custom cars, worked with other greats in the industry, and has found success on his own, so it should be no surprise he gets to work on some very cool cars. The latest project he’s working on is a custom 1962 Chevy Corvette that has a ton of tiny tweaks that’ll change how the icon looks.

The design Foose is trying to achieve called for cutting out the rear quarter panels and replacing them with ones that are two inches wider. This required widening the front fenders, too.

Foose also tweaked the front fascia, moving the bumper higher on the front end and seamlessly blending the headlight housings into the rest of the vehicle’s bodywork.But that wasn’t the only change Foose made at the front.

Before, the chrome bumper sat tucked into the bodywork. Now, it mimics the rear by featuring a wrap-around design. Underneath the Chevy, Foose installed an Art Morrison chassis with an independent front and rear suspension.

The video shows a lot of the progress made on the Corvette and shows just how much is left to finish, which is quite a bit. The reworked design means there’s a ton of time spent measuring, checking fitment, and sanding to ensure everything aligns as it should, especially at the front and rear where the bulk of the early changes lie.

We don’t get to see the finished product, but Foose does list several of the goodies the Corvette is set to receive, like the LT4 V8 with a Whipple supercharger and a Magnaflow exhaust system. Of course, it’ll feature one-off Foose wheels and a custom interior. For now, this is just part one, and we can’t wait for the rest of the series to see the ‘Vette complete.

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